Colors Of Willemstad: International Street Painting Festival 2012

Posted by Gilberto Galea on 08:01 PM, 29-Mar-12

For the third time the streets of Punda will be colored with various paintings. During Colors of Willemstad famous artists and local talents will work on the tiles of the streets of Punda to create a colorful and impressive picture.
250 participants took care last year of the streets of Willemstad while 10,000 visitors came to the city to take a look at their work. This year the organization hopes to attract even more visitors. Besides enjoying art, visitors are also provided with music and food.

Street Painting

The base of Colors of Willemstad lies by street painting, an Italian art dating from the 16th century. It uses special pastel chalk to create drawings directly on the streets or sidewalks. Spectators can watch the live drawings from the beginning to end. Street Painting in Curacao is a much unknown phenomenon, making it a challenge even for professional artists.


The third edition of Colors of Willemstad will take place on Saturday, March 31 and Sunday April 1. The festival is open to everyone. Painting Talents who want to take the challenge of painting on the streets can register as a participant on the website

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